.: BIO


Cemetery Urn was formed in the Australian summer 2006, by Andrew Gillon (Abominator, Bestial Warlust) and Damon Bloodstorm (Corpse Molestation/Bestial Warlust, Abominator, Kutabare). The band was primarily created to conjure Death Metal that was later to be labeled "Barbaric Australian Death Metal". Matt 'Skitz' Sanders (Damaged, Sadistic Execution, Destroyer 666), was recruited to Command the drums. The tracking commenced February 2007 at Three Phase studio’s in Melbourne, under the guidance of Engineer/Producer Sam Johnston.  The line-up on the first full length recording is, A. Gillon – Guitar and Bass, D. Bloodstorm – Vocals, Matt ‘Skitz’ Sanders - Drum’s. Mixing completed June ’07, by Sam Johnson and Andrew Gillon, at Three Phase Studio.

Matt Skitz left the band after the recording to continue with his other project's.  Around this time another chance meeting (at the bar of course!!!) at a Celtic Frost show in Melbourne, saw the addition of another old comrade Squiz on Bass (Fridge, Drednought, Mustang, Vicious Circle).

Early 2008 saw the addition of Xav on Drums and Luke on Guitar (Guild of Destruction), which completed the long awaited brutal 5 piece line up.

In April 2008 Cemetery Urn played the first show in Melbourne. Then in June of '08, Cemetery Urn played 17 shows across the U.S. with bands such as Angel Corpse, Gospel of the Horn's, Gravehill, Blood Feast, Sanguis Imperem, Manticore, Profanatica, Morbosidad, Obiesance, and many more extreme and Black metal band's.

In March 2009 Cemetery Urn commenced tracking on the 2nd full length album, to be released independently April 2010. The title of the new album is "The Conquered Are Burned".  The line-up on the album is, A. Gillon - Rhythm and Lead Guitar, D. Bloodstorm - Vokills, Squiz - Bass and Xav - Drums.

Early in 2010 Cemetery Urn had more line-up changes with the departure of our 2nd live guitarist and drummer.

Cemetery Urn now has a new drummer, our third in as many years!!!
Matt from Melbourne band Belligerent Intent has stepped in to command the skins. The band will continue as a 4 piece.

Also in early 2010, Hells Headbangers released 'Urn of Blood' on Black Vinyl and picture disc.

October 2010 the band toured the U.S. for the second time.  Playing 10 shows through Texas and up the West Coast along side bands such as Obeisance, Sadistic Intent, Weregoat, Thornspawn, Father Befouled, Imprecation, Unholy lust.

In 2011 the band is releasing a 7" through a yet un-named label.  Title and label to be announced soon.

Also in 2011 Hells Headbangers will be releasing 'The Conquered Are Burned' on LP and Picture disc.

2012 will also see the release of the third Cemetery Urn Full Length Album.